What does it mean to be Bright, Gritty, and Good?

It’s easy to find one, hard to find two, and exceptional when a person has all three.



You’re uncommonly intelligent and committed to applying that gift every day – without application, you’re just IQ! You see opportunity in making the world a better place while recognizing that you need to take risks to usher in new and better ways of doing things. You recognize that being nimble in a world that is changing at an accelerating pace is a requirement of success and staying nimble means staying on top of the latest innovations and ways of thinking!


You recognize that working hard is a proven way to get ahead in life. You couple an incredible work ethic to your big brain every day, seeking the “10,000 hour” advantage through passion and perseverance for a job well done. You hold yourself to high standards because it feels good to achieve uncommon goals. You’re dissatisfied with the status quo and you have the grit and determination to see things done better for the sake of better. You recognize that “what got you here, doesn’t keep you here,” never resting on past success as a guarantee of future results. You know that the secret to “better” lies in the coaching you seek from and give to others.


You’re authentic, honest, and have a positive outlook on life. You’re open minded, inclusive, and value diverse thinking in pursuit of the best ideas. You have purpose in life. You enjoy spending time with passionate people. You recognize that being a good human being means that you have to confront the uncomfortable . . . you’re not afraid to speak out and speak up. Most importantly, you’re loving and compassionate . . . yes, loving and compassionate. Do you know any other company that is brave enough to seek out those who lead their lives with love and compassion in their hearts?