Simple, risk-free revenue.

It’s this simple: a customer signs up with Voltus and we deliver cash based on performance. Voltus makes money when our customer makes money by sharing the cash generated from working together.

What’s more, there are significant community benefits that accompany working with Voltus – a cleaner, more resilient energy future, and dollars invested back into your business instead of being wasted on a bigger energy bill. We believe that “simple, no-cost, no-risk” solves huge, global energy problems.

A passion for energy.

Customers have big enough challenges managing their core business, which typically doesn’t include investing resources to manage energy better. Yet, significant benefits exist in doing just that – all the more reason to have a world-class energy expert doing the work for you. We eat, breathe, and sleep in the complex world of energy so that you don’t have to.

Less energy, more cash.

We’re often asked, “What do you do exactly and what value will Voltus deliver to my organization?” When we designed our offering for customers we focused on things that we knew delivered great value quickly, that we could package into a no-cost, no-risk, simple commercial agreement, and that we had world-class experience delivering.

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