Demystifying demand response for bitcoin mining

Event Date
April 14, 2022 8:00 AM
9:00 am


Gregg Dixon
Rustin Coburn

Foreman, Sangha Systems, and Voltus invite you to join the conversation and learn how bitcoin miners set up and automate their demand response participation.

This event will show every miner how easy and profitable demand response can be if you do it right.


About the companies:

Voltus is the leading distributed energy resource software technology platform, with over fifty demand response programs across all nine US and Canadian power markets.  With roughly 2,500 megawatts under management, Voltus helps commercial and industrial energy consumers earn cash by shifting electricity usage when prompted by the grid operator.

Foreman, the leading fleet management software for Bitcoin hyperscalers, offers a collaborative, auditable dashboard that enables large-scale mines to operate efficiently.  Trusted by the largest Bitcoin miners in the world, Foreman's automation and data analytics are proven to foster device longevity, while increasing revenue by over 5%.

Sangha Systems connects disruptive and emerging digital industries with outsized energy needs to high yield infrastructure projects designed to maximize profit and minimize climate impact.  We develop the physical infrastructure to power the digital future.

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