Alli Bates Wannop on the All Things DER Podcast: How to Bridge the Communication Gap Between Different Sectors of the Power Industry

In this episode of the All Things DER Podcast, Alli Bates Wannop sites down with host Elizabeth Cook to discuss the communication difficulties and differences that arise between the transmission, distribution, and aggregator sectors of the power industry, and how to bridge these gaps.

Allison Bates Wannop
Allison Bates Wannop
May 17, 2022
 min read
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Allison Bates Wannop

Senior Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs

I believe that every day is an adventure and that we all have a duty to use our talents to help others. At Voltus, I use my legal and regulatory background to support the exceptional and fast-paced team as we do our part to accelerate the clean energy revolution, breaking down barriers in the process. This isn’t a job; it’s a mission.

If it’s 4:45 am, you could find me just about anywhere. Running at the first light in the hills near my Vermont home. Reviewing regulatory filings from around the country with a cup of coffee. Reading to one of my four children. It’s all part of the adventure.