Meet Françoise Parker, or Frenchie, as we collectively refer to her, Strategic Sales Director at Voltus. She is a force of nature. A sales giant. She could sell a two-wheeled bike to a unicyclist, crutches to an olympic sprinter … you get the picture. She also has the biggest heart of anyone you’ve ever met and is fiercely loyal to her customers and her team.


What is your favorite part of working at Voltus?

FP: Working with and learning from brilliant peers; having the flexibility to be a mom while still crushing my role; meeting such interesting and fun customers; and offering the best demand response products and service in the industry.

What is your backstory? How did you start with Voltus?

FP: I’ve been in energy sales almost my entire career in various capacities. I believe Voltus CEO Gregg Dixon is truly a visionary, so when he asked me to come to work at Voltus, it was an easy decision. Gregg said he wanted to galvanize the demand response industry and that was exciting to me!

How would your life be different if you had to commute into an office every day?

FP: Quite frankly, not only would commuting make life less than desirable, it wouldn’t be feasible. As a solo mom, the flexibility that my role at Voltus provides is invaluable. I can really maximize my time working from home.

Give us a sneak peak into your home office.

Has teleworking limited your productivity in any way?

FP: The opposite! There are days I drop my kids off in my PJs to school and then immediately head to my desk (still in PJs); I lose track of time working until it’s time to get the kiddos from school. Sometimes I have to juggle screaming kids (as I dive into a closet to take a customer call), but I’m so thankful I get to work virtually. The weeks I don’t have the kiddos, I cram my schedule with as many in-person meetings as possible across North America.

What are you most grateful for during these challenging times?

FP: I’m very thankful to live in Charleston and provide my children the life that I am. If it wasn’t for Voltus and our amazing customers, I potentially couldn’t do that.

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