Meet Rachel Marcus, Project Manager at Voltus. Rachel touts 9 years in the industry. Her photographic memory makes her the go-to for nuanced program details. She helps keep the operations side of our business running smoothly.




What is your favorite part of working at Voltus?

RM: For sure the people. We have the best team in the world filled with a diverse group of bright, gritty, and good people. I learn so much from each of my coworkers. While working remotely means we have to make more of an effort to touch base with each other, it feels much more intentional overall. We also really appreciate the time we have together in person three times per year at VoltusFest.

What is your backstory? How did you start with Voltus?

RM: I worked with our co-founders at a previous company for several years. When they founded Voltus I immediately reached out. We kept in touch regularly and once Voltus was finally big enough, I came on board!

How would your life be different if you had to commute into an office every day?

RM: I would have much less time with my dog, something I value and enjoy more than almost anything else. I would also spend much less time outside each day if I had to commute into an office.

Give us a sneak peak into your home office.

Has teleworking limited your productivity in any way?

RM: I would say that the vast majority of the time I am much more productive teleworking. There are significantly fewer distractions vs. working in an office, plus I have the flexibility to take more meaningful breaks while working remotely. In an office, I was very guilty of spending a lot of time chatting with coworkers or surfing the internet when I needed a break, which not only limited my productivity, but also potentially impacted that of coworkers. Working remotely I can step away from my computer and walk my dog, run an errand, or even take a power-nap, which really helps me reset and come back even more focused and productive than before.

What would be your message to other companies who are interested in making remote working a more permanent part of their business model?

RM: I think there are still a lot of companies that doubt whether working remotely is truly feasible. Ultimately I think it makes for much happier and more productive employees. While some might say it’s harder to feel part of a cohesive team, I would argue the opposite. In addition, the flexibility afforded to me by Voltus allows me to prioritize my personal health and happiness.

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