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What Can the World's Largest Database of Demand Response Programs Do For You?


What Can the World's Largest Database of Demand Response Programs Do For You?

Gregg Dixon


Did you know that an Interstate Power and Light demand response program in Iowa pays commercial and industrial customers $64,640 per MW per year for their demand response capability? That’s among the highest paying demand response programs in the US, yet only about 160 sites are signed up to the program out of the more than 86,000 commercial and industrial accounts in the service territory, nearly 1,500 of which are large industrial loads.

Today, we announced the launch of CashDash, the world’s largest database of demand response programs. The purpose of CashDash is to identify every opportunity for large energy consumers to monetize operational flexibility by simply entering zip codes and load reduction capabilities for each site. CashDash is especially valuable to multi-site enterprise accounts that aren’t fully aware of the multitude of programs available around the world.

CashDash captures both revenue and savings-generating demand response program opportunities, including wholesale market, regulated utility, and third-party programs. These programs are categorized into capacity, energy, and ancillary services with 36 separate program attributes that allow a customer to target programs best suited for their operational profile. Currently, CashDash contains 137 distinct demand response programs that average $41,390/MW-year in value, many of which are stackable cashflow streams that more than double the value a customer would typically see in demand response. In fact, the current world record for stackable demand response programs is six, found in certain regions of Pennsylvania, carrying a $222,138/MW-year value.

“CashDash is revolutionary in its application. We often find that a multi-national industrial, for example, is missing more than 50 percent of the potential cash from demand response because, with limited staff, it’s impossible to track the hundreds of programs available from thousands of electric utilities and markets,” said Gregg Dixon, CEO of Voltus. “CashDash ensures that they leave no money on the table.”

We don't have the time nor resources to track all of these programs. But we also can't afford to miss valuable savings opportunities. Voltus's CashDash made it easy for us to identify every program and its suitability to our properties, each one of which has a unique operating profile.



“CashDash delivers value to large energy consumers, electric utilities, and even our competition,” said Dana Guernsey, Vice President of Product at Voltus. “CashDash helps utilities that have traditionally had a difficult time marketing their programs to enterprise customers who may not have a contact in the utility region. And CashDash highlights our competitors’ programs where Voltus may not have an offering. Ultimately, we want our large energy consumers to know where every bit of cash is hidden in these markets.”

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