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Jon Wellinghoff's New Year's Resolution - Double Your DR $s

Gregg Dixon


Our experts want to help you with a single new year's resolution: double your dollars in demand response in 2019 with these five tips: 

  1. Jon Wellinghoff, former Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and "Father of Demand Response": "You'll want to "stack" multiple demand response programs. If you're only in one program, you're missing out on many new programs. I'm aware of up to six programs being stacked at a single facility."

  2. Ed Sayers, Vice President of Energy at Simon Property Group: "Optimize your enrolled kW. DR works off of a simple formula: kW x $'s = earnings. Squeeze every kW you can by reevaluating your operational flexibility and enrollment levels. As you invest in energy controls or new equipment you'll often find that you can enable more kW, with quicker response times. That's more cash." 

  3. Alex Laskey, founder and former President of Opower: "Take advantage of "out-of-market" demand response. You can double the value you get from curtailing loads. In nearly every North American power market, businesses incur peak demand charges. Moreover, transmission capacity charges are often greater than generation capacity expenses. You'll want to avoid these." 

  4. Dana Guernsey, Vice President of Product and Energy Markets at Voltus: "Get back your backup generator. The opportunity to use your generator in demand response programs has returned. These resources are the highest quality power for your facility and a high quality type of demand response."

  5. Phil Giudice, former Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources and CEO of Ambri: "Negotiate contract terms carefully. Look beyond simple top line revenue sharing percentages. Details matter and vary by program, market and geography. Some customers are surprised when it comes to unfamiliar terms such as "gross up." You can increase your earnings 10% to 30% per year by making sure you get a piece of all of the profitable opportunities available."  

Are you resolved to double your dollars in demand response in 2019? Email us for a detailed review of your portfolio ( - not .com) and we'll show you all the options to guarantee you hit that New Year's resolution.