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We identify how much cash can be generated from your operational flexibility and, through a no-cost, no-risk, single-page agreement, start the cash flowing to you.

The top 10% of grid-wide electricity demand lasts less than 1% of the hours of the year. Yet, these hours represent as much as 40% of your electricity bill. By reducing your demand from the grid during critical hours you can generate significant cash flow and savings. With the Voltus technology platform, we make it easy.

How We Help


Significant energy usage? We can help.

Voltus serves a wide range of industrial, commercial, and institutional customers who have significant energy usage. In fact, we have extensive experience and know-how across more than 30 industries, generating cash from your unique operational flexibility.

Why Voltus

More cash to you . . . because we have more experience, better technology, and an easier way of doing business than any demand response provider in the world.

In fact, Voltus guarantees that we will find more ways to monetize your operational flexibility in demand response programs than any provider. If we can't, we'll pay you the difference and you can work with the other provider who has found more.

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A Voltan is bright, gritty, and good. We eat, breathe, and sleep in the complex world of energy so that you don't have to. We've attracted a team of energy experts who are passionate about doing well by doing good, which means delivering cash to you through demand response.

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