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We need your help to stop climate change

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A virtual power plant to support the energy transition

Voltus pays energy users to use less energy when the electric grid is stressed or prices are high. Why? We’re creating a more reliable, affordable, and sustainable grid.

Here’s how:

  • Reducing electricity use - the cleanest megawatt is the megawatt never used!
  • Preventing the use and building of peaking power plants
  • Providing flexible demand-side resources to help balance and support the growth of renewable energy
  • Helping bring overall energy costs down for consumers
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Who is a Voltan? Our values

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Perks of being a Voltan

Voltus provides competitive benefits like 12-week parental leave, comprehensive medical/dental/vision/life insurance, and 401(k) matching. Here are some unique and unconventional perks of being a Voltan.

Work from anywhere

We’re fully remote, allowing our team to live wherever they want while working towards our mission.


Join our annual, in-person, company retreat where we deepen our knowledge, strengthen cross-functional bonds, build our teams, and have a ton of fun.

Weekly Veritas

Every Monday we gather remotely to discuss accomplishments, business updates, industry developments, new Voltans, and more.

Flexible PTO

Voltans are dedicated, holding themselves to a high bar. We trust our people to determine when and how to take time off.

Team summits

Get together with members of your direct team - bond, problem-solve, and plan your work in a way that’s collaborative and fun. 

Energy lunch & learns

Hear from Voltus experts on trends and best practices for achieving better energy and more cash to energy users.

Monthly webinars

Join our external facing marketing webinars for the latest on customer trends and developing issues in our industry.

Learning & development

Purchase and expense reading materials that contribute to your learning goals.

Local hangouts

We’re remote, but you don’t have to be! Get together with local teammates IRL for facetime and cross-functional learning.

Team representation

Voltus is dedicated to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workforce.

Global race and ethnicity representation
Global race and ethnicity representation
Global gender representation
Global gender representation

Employee community groups

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