Streamline your demand response cash flow

You wouldn't wait three months or a year to view your paycheck, so don't wait that long to see your demand response earnings.

Answer all your essential demand response participation questions instantly, with Voltus.

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Instant access to your demand response performance, earnings, and savings

View your demand response program enrollment and how much you are forecasted to earn. Sort, segment, and download your data for internal budgeting and planning.

View your earnings and payments in aggregate or on an individual site or program level. Easily access your last payment amount and status.

Better understand your demand response performance and optimize your energy spend by viewing your 30-second interval data anytime, anywhere.

Leverage real-time energy data to track your event performance in real time with clear curtailment targets. View past performance in aggregate or individually by site.

View current system load for your grid operator. View and compare historical and forecast peaks for additional intelligence.

Quantify and better understand avoided CO2 emissions from demand response program participation with intuitive equivalencies. Incorporate exported data into your overall sustainability reporting.

Voltus technology increases your earnings and savings

Real-time visibility into dispatch performance drives earnings and savings in real time

Alerting and performance coaching communicated through your Voltus account

Voltus technology optimizes kW nominations to create more cash for your business

Customer testimonials

“With Voltus’s demand response services, we achieved a 50% reduction in curtailments and an impressive 20% improvement in performance. In addition, we gained access to real-time energy data for our facilities - from virtually anywhere, which is truly amazing!”

Jason Poulin
Senior Maintenance Manager at KGHM International

“When Voltus entered the picture, we were introduced to a new way of earning cash through demand response - and there is zero cost associated with it.”

Mike Zyma
Manager of Technical Services at Orlick Industries

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