Solar panels and wind turbines

Creating new revenue streams for DER owners and operators

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Voltus is a leading virtual power plant operator, aggregating DERs across all nine wholesale power markets

Generating cash from your energy assets

Voltus connects distributed energy resources (DERs) to energy markets providing flexibility, reliability, and resilience to the grid. We create new revenue streams for DER owners and operators, such as electric vehicle supply equipment, smart thermostat, microgrid, energy storage, and backup generator providers.

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One platform, nine markets

Voltus works across every wholesale power market in the US and Canada, providing a real-time, automated solution to manage asset participation and financial settlement.

Turnkey virtual power plant grid services

A single DER platform with a suite of services to simplify energy markets participation for all industries and DER asset classes.

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DER Value

Identify & Forecast

Identify & Evaluate

Aggregation Strategy

Value Forecasting

DER Obligation

Orchestrate & Perform

Energy Pricing

Auction Bidding

Schedule Coordination

Automated Dispatch

DER Performance

Settle & Report

Measurement & Verification

Sales & Disburse

Reporting & Insights

Powered by our API

The Voltus API enables our partners to integrate directly with our technology to easily manage end-to-end participation.

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