Gregg Dixon

Chief Executive Officer

I have the best job in the world, and I’m humbled every day to serve our team, our customers, and our investors. Ultimately, I hope that our vision inspires happiness and productivity while we help to solve important energy challenges that make a positive impact in the world. Long ago I caught the clean energy bug and, ever since, I’ve put my shoulder and passion into unlocking its virtues every day.

I’m passionate about working hard to take care of my family while nursing what remains of too many individual pursuits, from skiing to mountain biking to music and the arts.

Neil Lakin

Vice President of Engineering

I love skiing, exploring my adopted home in Brooklyn, catching basketball games, playing chess, and managing virtual power plants in every major North American power market. When I was a kid I used to take apart my toys and put them back together to see how they worked. At Voltus, I get to work with an astounding range of “toys”–an IOT metering network (with our own hardware!), a stream-processing cluster, industrial PLCs, a world-class web app, and much more. I get to work with an amazing team of engineers and energy market experts (sometimes they’re even the same person) building a product that I feel good about delivering. Life is good.

Matt Plante


To paraphrase E.B. White, I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it easy to work for Voltus.

I love my family, I love to improve, and I love when our customers and Voltans love Voltus. Come join us!

Dana Guernsey

Vice President of Product and Energy Markets

This is a picture of me practicing balance. It isn’t perfect. . . but we’re all having fun! I’m with my family (photo cred to my husband), outdoors, and enjoying the day. At Voltus, I help develop innovative product and program offerings for our customers that focus on doing well by doing good. It’s thrilling to be able to cut checks and save trees at the same time. It’s fascinating to help the electric grid balance supply and demand. It’s rewarding to see our virtual power plant complement real ones. It’s humbling to be a part of this team, working together towards our vision of a better world, using energy better. But finally, it’s a balance. We’re growing quickly, we make mistakes, we make daily judgement calls. It isn’t always perfect . . . but we all have a lot of fun!

Stephanie Hendricks

Vice President of Operations and Customer Success

What makes me happy is surrounding myself with wonderful people. Being part of the Voltus team means I am surrounded by brilliant, hard working, passionate people who inspire me every day. Not only do I get to be part of the Voltus team, but our clients are our teammates as well. By working together and being part of an ever-growing network of people helping grid reliability – I get to be part of something bigger and better than just a job.

Doug Perrygo

Vice President of Finance

I wake up, pour coffee and eat financial data for breakfast. I then focus my day on growing and improving Voltus for our employees, shareholders and customers. I eat tacos for dinner and go to bed thinking about numbers.

I believe people should strive to achieve ‘Ikigai’, the Japanese concept meaning “reason for being”. For me, Ikigai exists in the intersection of numbers, building great companies and tacos. It is what I do.

Todd Krause

Senior Vice President of Sales

I love what I do. While I’m most influenced by faith and family, my daily pursuit to help reduce the impact of climate change is a significant part of who I am. Working with our team to build the “next generation” of energy experts who are passionate about our mission and love working closely with customers is extremely rewarding. If you are interested in solving one of the biggest challenges of our time and want to be part of an amazing team, send me a note!


Sarah Allan

Executive Assistant

I’m a hyper-organized, self-proclaimed “Magician Behind the Scenes” because I support Voltus’ back-office. I love being a part of making our future a better place by reducing our environmental footprint. When I’m not doing my work thing, you can find me and my husband on the sidelines of either the soccer field, baseball field, or being a jungle gym for our three young sons.

Kelsey Murdoch

Executive Assistant

The team at Voltus is full of incredible and driven individuals that I have the pleasure of working with each and every day. I have a passion for streamlining processes and creating efficiencies that allow those around me to focus on what they are best at … In this case, that’s saving the world one kilowatt at a time. When I’m not using my mad organizational skills, I’m typically found herding small children around with my amazing husband, Cam.


Kelly Lorincz

Vice President of Sales

So much has changed on my crazy 20-year journey of energy & software sales leadership. Two things that remain constant are my desire to help customers improve their upside, and as a lifelong student of sales, I thrive in coaching my awesome team to excel in their profession. At Voltus, I have the opportunity to make a positive contribution for my customers and the planet, every single day, collaborating with smart, gritty and good “Voltans”. Outside the office, I love traveling with my wife Shauna and spending ever-precious time with my kids, Jackson and Emma. I occasionally enjoy hacking my way through 18 holes and honing my tennis “game”. I once made it all the way to the quarter-finals of an ATP 1000 masters tournament, only to have to walk off due to an injury…to my wallet…courtside seats were outrageously expensive.

Laura Corso

Utility Sales Director

I started my career in energy completely by chance 12 years ago. It continues to be an interesting, rewarding and challenging industry that I’m very proud to be a part of. I love that my role at Voltus allows me to interact with all parts of the organization and help utilities and customers work together toward the common goal of grid reliability. I’m so excited to see and be a part of the continued evolution of energy and Demand Response.

Erik Roth

Sales Director

Working to build a better world, using energy better – that’s my goal. Everyday. I have the opportunity to meet with our customers, understand what is important to them, and help them earn more dollars through intelligent and simple demand-side management.

I believe that an informed view of where energy comes from and how much we consume is a moral and ethical obligation we all share. Working in Demand Response allows me to evangelize this perspective with our partners and help them advance informed energy management within their organization or institution, all the while earning cash! Before joining Voltus I was most recently an attorney in New York, with a focus on administrative, regulatory, and energy law.

Outside of work, you will find me outside -running, swimming, hiking, playing tennis, or golf, and always trying to remember This is Water.

Fran Parker

Sales Director

Having been in the energy industry for over 12 years, working at Voltus is the most rewarding and professionally fulfilling job I’ve had. It’s not without challenges, to be sure; however, what isn’t in life that’s good and worth working hard for?

When I fervently believe in something, I can sell the heck out of it, which is why I passionately contribute to selling at Voltus – it’s an amazing product and vision. I love working with our customers and take each “partnership” to heart, and strive to deliver the most value…if I’m good at what I do, it won’t matter who comes knocking on their door to compete.

When I check-out of work, you’ll find me loving on my family, enjoying the two amazing cities I get to call home – Charleston and Boston, and enjoying the outdoors and being active as much as possible. I’m a total work-in-progress, and hope that each new day that is gifted to me, I find the wherewithal to do and be better….

Jen Celerier

Sales Director

Hello there! So pleased you dropped by! Yippee, this is so fun . . . I have THE best job in the world! I spend my days working with businesses in Canada and the US to help them maximize the value of demand response. It is a heavenly job with so many highlights (we would love to tell you more!).
Every day, I jump out of bed and dance around the kitchen. It is wonderful to know our team is going to offset even more power stations (1.6 GW to date). Suffice to say, my job is incredibly rewarding.
Voltus is amazing!  The team is led by two of the worlds most diligent, capable and genuine people, Gregg and Matt (CEO and President). Both lead Voltus with a level of capability and passion I have never experienced before.
Thank you for looking at our profiles!  We cannot wait to do business with you and/or welcome you to our team.

Zygmunt Strawczynski

Sales Director

I am deeply passionate about the impact of my work – that a business I am helping to grow counts its success beyond a single bottom line. I have a love of the outdoors and the natural world that’s been with me since I was small – and hope to pass this passion, and a better world, onto the next generation.

At the beginning of my career in the energy industry, I became obsessed with the beautifully simple idea that the cleanest unit of energy is the one that’s never used. Over the past ten years I’ve been lucky enough to advance that idea and move the needle towards a cleaner, more secure, and sustainable future of energy. At Voltus, every day I get to do something special – work with the brightest, grittiest, and best colleagues in the industry all striving to do the same thing; do well by doing good.

John Wells

Sales Director

I’ve had the privilege of selling Demand Response for the last 5 years, and it’s hard to imagine learning as much as I have in any other industry. Every day I’m exposed to the intricacies and inner-workings of how different industrial companies operate and grow, while also bringing massive amounts of financial value to their business. When I’m not finding new customers to support grid resiliency, you might be able to find me reading science fiction, playing John Prine acoustic folk covers, or biding my time at one of the many craft breweries in Boston.

Lauren Davis

Sales Director

I’m enormously proud to be a part of a company that is not only growing fast and is home to a team of dedicated, mission-driven Voltans, but is also doing something positive for our customers and for the planet every day.

Based in Toronto, when I’m not wearing my Voltus hat you can find me either buried in a book (or two or three) or doing something active: beach volleyball, golf, yoga, spinning, and boxing probably top the list of favourites, but I’m always up to try something new! Bonus points if it’s outside and my dog can tag along. Lucky for me, all that activity provides great balance for my love of cooking, baking, and exploring great restaurants both right here in Toronto and everywhere I travel.

I’m lucky to be able to get up every day and do my part to protect our planet so we can enjoy it!

Ted Bailey

Sales Director

I stumbled in to the energy industry about 12 years ago when Illinois was going through the deregulation of electricity.  Always looking for ways to help my customers I was introduced to Voltus by a former colleague and was given the opportunity to get involved in the very early stages.  It has been an amazing journey to watch a company with only a few employees turn into the demand response power house that we have become today with world class talent.  When I am not helping customers, you will find me on the golf course, looking for my next rental property or spending quality time with my amazing wife and three children.

Jerry Whitsitt

Sales Director

I joined Voltus to continue my personal mission to connect commercial and industrial customers with the immediate, bottom line benefits of demand response while helping the world secure a more sustainable energy future. With nearly 20 years of experience in the energy sector and sales, I am a recognized industry leader and passionate customer champion.  

Mark Roszko

Sales Director

When I’m not on the road searching for the next Megawatt, I like to spend time with my kids watching them play lacrosse, soccer or whatever sport they are currently playing. Voltus has the right mix of working hard and playing hard – it’s a great feeling to wake up every day and be excited to go to work and help the environment at the same time. Looking forward to meeting many more customers out there.

Adam Scarsella

Sales Director

I genuinely love what I do and look forward to the challenges that each new day presents. Developing lasting relationships with prospects and customers while discovering untapped value through demand response is truly rewarding and something that I am truly passionate about.  When I’m not delivering added value to my customers, I am spending time with my superstar wife, infant son, and our two incredibly awesome dogs.  In our spare time, we enjoy attending concerts, sporting events and exploring new places – especially craft breweries.

Richard Edwards

Sales Director

I love the energy industry. For over 100 years the energy industry has seen constant innovation and improvement. Today we are seeing an acceleration of improvements and efficiencies in how energy is produced, delivered and consumed. I’m so proud to be at Voltus where we are doing our part to make energy markets more efficient. Delivering that highly coveted win-win-win. A win for grid operators as we bring a low-cost reliable resource to their markets, a win for consumers as we pay them for their operational flexibility and win for the environment because the cleanest kilowatt is the one that’s never used.

Serena Fagan

Sales Director

Demand Response provides reliability to the power grid, it mitigates local demand charges, and it rewards C&I customers with cash incentives. Put simply, less energy = more cash (pro tip: lower demand charges, too).

Working at Voltus means I get to be part of the fastest growing, most disruptive Demand Response team in the game.

When I’m not helping monetize your negawatts as a Sales Director, I am happiest in the mountains (photo evidence) or with a racquet of some sort in my hand.

You can reach me at sfagan@voltus.co

Colin Dougherty

Sales Director

I have a passion for helping build the grid of the future! Demand Response might just be the coolest tool in the shed that is building this smarter, more efficient grid. I have the honor of helping customers participate in DR programs across North America and get paid for using less energy. I’m originally from Reno, NV but now call San Francisco home. When not delivering cash to customers, you’ll find me surfing, snowboarding and traveling the world.

Tom LaFargue

Sales Director

My favorite aspect of my career is that I genuinely help others. There are tremendous issues in our nation’s electrical equation – from the use of fossil fuels, to instability and inflated pricing – and I am fortunate to be able to help solve that one customer at a time.

All the while, I am able to support my family and educate them toward building a better future. This is the best life I could ask for.

Jennifer  Vukovic

Sales Director

I’ve spent the last few years helping businesses throughout North America recoup their energy costs through various programs and through their operational flexibility. I genuinely enjoy the work that I do and it’s always interesting to learn about each customer’s operations and challenges in order to come up with a solution that fits their business. The culture at Voltus is unlike any I’ve ever experienced. A company full of smart people with strong values – genuinely “good” people and a team that I’m proud to be part of. In my spare time I enjoy flying (yes, I’m a pilot) and aerobatics (the upside-down kind of flying). I also climb, run, work out, sail and I love craft beer!

Inside Sales

Justin Ghogomu

Manager, Inside Sales

Mastered the art of the deal as a stock-broker.  Mastered negotiation and client relationships as a Pit Boss in Las Vegas, building a reputation as a top consultant in the gaming industry.  Now I am humbled to lead a team of bright, gritty, and good individuals while helping them achieve their dreams.  I have always felt that if I need to tell someone what I’m doing, then I’m not doing it well enough…so back to work.

Trey Gantner

Sales Associate

I am passionate about building my skills while empowering our clients to make a true environmental impact. This incredible Voltus team makes it easy for me to enjoy my time at work driving results and dollars to our partners. Born and raised in Circleville, OH and now reside in the “Steel City”, Pittsburgh, PA. When I am not selling demand response, I like to travel, see concerts, exercise, and take my girlfriend out to a nice dinner.

Hannah Phillips

Sales Associate

I am passionate about sustainability and using the Earth’s resources as efficiently as possible. This fuels my personal and professional goals and has lead me to work at Voltus. In my personal time you can find me taking my cat or dog on hikes, hanging out with my family and friends or seeking out a good laugh.

Maddy Loffredo

Sales Associate

I come from a small town in Pennsylvania with wide-open spaces, rivers, and lush mountains. I grew up loving the outdoors and so I am working at Voltus to be a part of the push for sustainability. I am excited to be teamed-up with many like-minded colleagues and a company that does what’s best for the environment, as well as the customer/community. While exploring the outdoors is my main passion, I also enjoy playing a variety of sports, listening to practically every type of music, and traveling.

David Reichbaum

Sales Associate

The sun, the moon, the stars… what good are these gifts if we do not cherish the life and joy that they bring us?

On a few boards, enjoy trips, family, music, food, jokes, and the great outdoors. Hablo Español, call me.

Michael Labutta

Sales Associate

When we do the right thing, the right way, at the right time, there’s no reason why our efforts can’t succeed far beyond our expectations.

Voltus is doing all three of these right now in our own dynamic niche of the energy sector, and that’s why I’m tremendously thankful to be a part of this team and this mission.

In my role here at Voltus, I get to help businesses be better stewards of the finite resources within their own budget, the finite resources in the creation, and make some real money in the process.

With the rest of the time I’ve been given, my job is simply to figure out how to be a far better steward of a life that’s been so undeservedly and richly blessed with such amazing family, friends, opportunities, challenges, and ever more books than bookshelf space.

Fontaine Graham

Sales Associate

When I’m not on the hunt for the next MW in ERCOT and MISO, you can find me spoiling my fur babies, making memories with my family or enjoying the outdoors. I also enjoy anything & everything involving health & fitness. When I need to find my happy place, it usually leads me to the back of one of my amazing horses.

For me, life isn’t about arriving, but taking the time to enjoy the process of getting better every day. I strive to be the type of person that others rely on, and I’m proud to help Voltus create a better world through innovative energy solutions.


Aaron Hartley

Senior Field Engineering Manager

While it is easy to travel the commonly used road my team and I work hard to ensure there is nothing common about what we do. Our goal is to work with customers to improve their current facility assets. This can take different forms, but it is built on a foundation of ingenuity, trust, and teamwork. This allows my work to be both fulfilling and rewarding while also being ecologically minded by using what already exists. The better we use current resources the easier it is to improve the world around us. “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” – John Muir

When not performing my duties as a Voltan, I spend time with my wife and two kids. It is always amazing to see how a child views the world around them. Exploring the world with them is my favorite pastime.

Greg Harold

Field Engineering Manager

I’m a gamer at heart and have learned that video games and the professional world have a few things in common. You set out to solve problems and deliver value, but the means and mechanisms that make those goals a reality will not always be clear. It’s important to listen to everyone you talk to, and not just hear them, to really understand what outcome you are trying to achieve. For me to succeed I place trust and reliance on my teammates and do my best to offer the same to them. I strive to create meaningful relationships with our customers so that they view Voltus as a reliable teammate in Demand Response.

Rachel Marcus

Project Manager

I’m the ultimate dog lover and when I’m not helping our customers reduce their energy, I’m hanging with my sheepadoodle Munson! I’m a very active member of both Chicago Doodles and The Real Dog Moms of Chicago, allowing me to not only play with dogs but also fund raise for those most in need. I’ve been working in the demand response space for nearly 9 years now and love to help customers maximize their curtailment during dispatches. Can’t figure out how to get that last 100kW of curtailment? Give me a call!

Luke Talltree

Field Engineering Manager

Clean energy, sustainable design and operational efficiency are the things that do it for me. I’ve previously worked in the consumer electronics and solar industries and am proud to now be here at Voltus, AKA the best Demand Response company on the planet. When I’m not working with the best team in the energy industry, I’m wandering the hills of Northern California searching for snakes to photograph, shopping for sneakers or trying out new restaurants in San Francisco with my wife, Hillary.

Energy Market and Sales Operations

Jorgen Grav

Energy Markets Manager

I enjoy creating new opportunities for our customers to monetize their operational flexibility in the energy markets and break down complex rules and problems into repeatable tasks that the energy markets and engineering team can work together to automate. I also like exercise, a lot.

James Gill

Energy Markets Manager

Voltus is an extremely special group of people and I am incredibly blessed to call myself part of the team. A few years back, I fell into clean energy and have no intention of leaving anytime soon. It’s an exciting industry, with a lot of fun challenges on the road to a greener, more stable grid. I strive to lead with love, fail often and keep trying, and always, always keep learning.
In my non-work hours, I love spending time with my wife and three pets, hopefully, while traveling, hiking, skiing, cooking, or enjoying the beautiful nature around us in sunny San Diego.

Angel Fernandez Amores

Energy Markets Manager

Hailing from Spain, I am thrilled by the opportunity to participate in the much larger US energy markets and help improve their operations through demand response. I am a firm believer that the grid is in dire need of becoming more flexible and resilient, and demand response is just the solution to make that happen. As an energy markets manager, I have the privilege of helping the grid while also helping ratepayers, such a rewarding challenge to tackle!
Outside of the office, you will likely find me spending time with friends, travelling to a new destination, skiing or playing some futbol (or soccer as it is known here).

Emily Orvis

Energy Markets Manager

In my free time, you’ll find me exploring the beautiful natural areas around San Francisco or more far-flung places. At Voltus, I’m working to protect the world’s beautiful places by building a clean energy future. As an Energy Markets Manager, I manage our demand response portfolios across a few markets and constantly look for new opportunities for our customers to make money while balancing electric grids. Demand response is so fun because it’s the rare energy solution with no downsides; customers, ratepayers, grid operators, and treehuggers like myself all love it!

Conor Regan

Market Operations Specialist

I’m proud to be working at Voltus where we’re taking more and more Megawatts offline to reduce our impact on the environment while improving grid reliability and realizing great value for our customers. My focus at Voltus is driving operational efficiency across our different energy markets so we can continue to grow and serve more customers.
Outside of work I love anything that gets my heart rate up in the great outdoors as well as an unhealthy amount of ice cream and blueberry pie.

Jenna Masuda

Sales Operations and Marketing Manager

Despite the photo (from a beautiful fall hike in New England), I am a native San Diegan. When I’m not hanging out in Salesforce or Excel, I spend the majority of my free time outdoors in beautiful 75°-and-sunny weather, enjoying community cleanup events, lounging on the beach with my pups, and thinking up ways to productize demand response!

Evie Song

Sales Operations and Marketing Specialist

Grew up in Shanghai, China, studied in New England and now I’m living and working for Voltus in sunny San Diego. I love helping the sales team in their productivity, creating new sales tools and maintaining our brand new website. I’m blessed to be in an awesome sales ops team and being supported by the women of Voltus. Outside of work, you will find me climbing the rocks, working on farms, and making friends with all the dogs in San Diego!

Caroline Eyman

Sales Operations and Marketing Associate

Like many millennials, the thought of commuting terrifies me. I wake up every morning feeling lucky to have a 5 second commute upstairs to my office, a commute that results in zero greenhouse gas emissions. Even more so, I feel blessed to work for a team of brilliant Voltans who are passionate about their work. If I am not at my desk sifting through google maps for the best demand response leads for our sales team, I am baking tasty bread or hiking my way through Vermont’s Green Mountains with my Husky/Shih Tzu, Atka. Living in Vermont, I constantly hear the saying, “If you are lucky enough to live in the mountains, you are lucky enough.” To the person who manipulated Hemingway’s famous works, I know you meant to say, “If you are lucky enough to work for Voltus and live in the mountains, you must be bright, gritty and good.”


Andy Liang

Senior Backend Engineer

I ran away from my childhood home of suburban Boston to explore the world and somehow ended up deep behind enemy lines in New York City. Somewhere along the way I got connected with Voltus where I’ve been responsible for automating things were almost definitely weren’t really designed to be automated, reliably signalling and controlling a mesh of distributed resources over US and Canada, and everything in-between.

Away from the keyboard, I’m often found stashing (too many) bikes in an already cramped apartment, or getting the most mileage out of my annual national park pass.

Alex Ellison

Technical Architect

I could spend three lifetimes finding the highest leverage ways to build software.

I love that a small amount of software can have an enormous amount of effect in the world and am motivated by the challenge to aim my software at the problems that are worth solving… like shaping a cleaner, greener grid.

Jessica Scott-Dutcher

Frontend Developer

At Voltus, I spend every day solving problems with code and design. It is extremely rewarding working in a challenging industry with a team that is passionate about their work. Nothing beats genuinely feeling like you are making a positive impact on the world. When I’m not pushing code you might find me running, cooking, or making art.

Max McDonnell

Senior Software Engineer

Every day I strive to establish a deep understanding of the complex systems around us. Through this understanding I hope to implement ethically sound technology, love with my whole heart, lift up those around me, and push the world forward. I’ve never felt more supported in this endeavor than at Voltus.

Liz Theurer

Senior Data Scientist

Who you work with is so important. At Voltus, every day, I am honored and humbled to work with a group of intelligent, creative, and passionate professionals. At work, I’m digging deep in the data from our IOT metering network and external vendors to develop new products or insights and automate computations for existing products. After work, you’ll find me spending time with friends and family.