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Customers in NY are switching to Voltus to earn more revenue from our stackable programs and technology to improve performance.

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Why customers switch to Voltus

More programs in more markets means more cash generating opportunities for customers.

Voltus technology maximizes revenue while providing transparency into earnings.  

No-cost, no-risk, one-page agreement makes it fast and easy to earn and save cash.

Voltus stacks more programs and leverages DR technology to increase your cash earnings

Voltus offers more than just capacity payments from traditional demand response programs. From ancillary services payments to demand charge avoidance savings, Voltus stacks additional cash and savings opportunities to maximize the dollars delivered to our customers.

Capacity services payments

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With demand response capacity services payments, customers get paid to be on standby to conserve energy if there’s a grid emergency.

These payments are meant to compensate the customer for their commitment to reduce energy consumption, even if an event is never called.

Energy services payments

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With demand response energy services payments, customers get paid to conserve or shift electricity use when there’s an actual grid emergency.

By doing so, customers are actively helping to prevent grid shut offs and blackouts which can have a catastrophic impact on local communities.

Ancillary services payments

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With demand response ancillary services payments, customers get paid to conserve or shift electricity use for short periods of time to offset temporary grid imbalances.

By doing so, customers are supporting greater grid stability.

Demand charge avoidance programs

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With demand charge avoidance programs, customers save on their annual electricity bill by avoiding electricity use during times of high demand.

Avoiding these charges can reduce annual electricity spend by up to 70%!

Price spike avoidance and payments

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With price spike avoidance and payments, customers earn cash by reducing energy consumption when prices get too high.

Customers can also avoid volatile prices during grid emergencies resulting in additional cash savings.

Carbon emissions reduction payments

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With Carbon Response, customers get paid for energy reductions during times of high-intensity carbon emissions on the grid - this is a first-of-its-kind program funded by Meta. Voltus customizes participation to operational needs, tracks localized emissions intensity on the grid, dispatches sites, measures emissions reductions, and gets customers paid.

Real-time energy data

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With real-time energy data, customers earn more cash by having instant visibility into load reduction during events.

Customers that frequently view their energy data are 50% more likely to perform well. Customers save an estimated additional 10% on electricity bills by having 30-second interval data at their fingertips.

Real-time & forecast system load

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With real-time and forecast system load, customers can view and compare historical and forecast peaks for additional intelligence.

Avoided CO2 emissions reporting

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With avoided CO2 emissions reporting, customers receive automated, real-time reporting on avoided emissions from demand response program participation for easy integration into their overall emissions and sustainability reporting.

Voltus Cash Earned Dashboard

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Access your Voltus account to view how much you’ve cash made and saved, along with your forecasted earnings and avoided carbon emissions.  

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Customer testimonial

“Voltus’s technology and expertise has helped us generate more value from demand response (DR). Their team helps us prepare for events and provides clear coaching on nominations and how we can perform better. In addition, the Voltus platform provides complete transparency into our value earned, real-time energy usage, and DR performance. Voltus makes DR easier and more valuable for our organization.”