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More Cash, Less Hassle with Voltus

You have a business to run and financial goals to meet. You can’t be distracted by the complexities of the energy markets to get value from your distributed energy resources (DERs). Voltus cuts through this complexity to deliver better energy and more cash to your business.

Better Energy, More Cash

How we deliver cash & savings to our customers

Capacity payments

Capacity payments allows customers to get paid to be on standby to save energy in case there’s a grid emergency.

This payment is meant to compensate the customer for their commitment to conserving energy, even if they don’t end up being called on.

Energy payments

Energy payments allows customers to get paid to conserve or shift electricity use when there’s an actual grid emergency.

By doing so, customers are actively helping prevent grid shutoffs and blackouts.

Ancillary services payments

Ancillary services payments allows customers to get paid to conserve or shift electricity use for short periods of time if there’s a temporary grid imbalance, in addition to getting paid to be on standby.

Demand charge avoidance savings

Demand charge avoidance allows customers to save on their annual electricity bill by avoiding electricity use during times of high demand.

Demand charges make up 30% to 70% of customers’ electricity spend!

High price avoidance & payments

High price avoidance and payments allows customers to earn payments by not using energy when prices get too high. Customers choose their price and Voltus takes care of the rest.

Not only do customers earn cash, but they also avoid volatile prices during grid emergencies resulting in additional cash savings.

Carbon reduction payments

Carbon Response, a first-of-its-kind program funded by Meta, allows Voltus customers to get paid for energy reductions during times of high intensity carbon emissions on the electric grid. Voltus will customize participation to your operational needs, track localized emissions intensity on the grid, dispatch your sites, measure emissions reductions, and get you paid.

Real-time energy consumption data

Real-time energy consumption data allows customers to earn more cash when called upon to conserve energy by having instant visibility into load reduction.

Customers with real-time data earn 30% more in earnings and savings, in addition to savings generated from having greater visibility into energy consumption.

Real-time & forecasted system load data

Real-time and forecasted system load allows customers to view and compare historical and forecasted peaks for additional intelligence.

Avoided CO2 emissions reporting

Avoided CO2 emissions reporting allows customers to receive automated, real-time reporting on avoided emissions from demand response program participation.

Inside Voltus

Voltus App Overview

A single platform to unlock your potential

VoltApp lets you manage your DERs in an easy-to-use platform, removing the guesswork and complexity of energy markets. Whether you’ve got one site or hundreds, all the tools you need are in a simple, one-stop shop.

Leverage the power of real-time data

Track your energy consumption in real-time and stop flying blind. Monitor your operations, quickly adjust during demand response events, and maximize your dollars earned.

Voltus Platform
Voltus Cash Tracking

Track your cash

Watch your dollars move from forecast value all the way to your bank account. Sort, segment, and download your data for internal budgeting and planning – no need to hunt down PDFs and spreadsheets.

Supercharge with API Integrations

Looking to streamline and automate your participation? Learn more about the Voltus API in our Developer Portal.

1VoltApp connects DERs to every wholesale power market in the US and Canada

Ready to generate more cash from your distributed energy resources?

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Exclusive Case Study
Exclusive Case Study
Learn how a data center generated over $1.2M in cash using Voltus
Using Voltus’ demand response program, the company unlocked additional revenue streams from multiple programs to both save and earn significant cash.
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