More cash, less hassle.

Traditionally, grid operators and utilities balance supply and demand using only the supply side of the market equation.

Power plants were turned on or ramped up to meet rising demand but demand wasn’t included as an option to balance the grid. Now, demand can curtail power or turn on local resources (e.g., battery storage, an emergency generator) to meet grid needs in concert with power plants.

With technology, market evolution, and attractive commercial offerings for customers, demand response has become an increasingly important tool for grid operators and utilities to balance the grid.

More cash from your operational flexibility.


We educate you and your team on the concept of demand response and how energy markets and utilities have evolved in innovative ways that present entirely new financial benefits to you. We also illustrate how others within your industry have taken advantage of new market opportunities, describing methods that you can use as well.


We look at every business, facility, and management team as unique. We work with you to understand just how unique your operations are, where sensitivities exist, and, ultimately, how to match your capabilities with each market’s unique programs using our CashDash platform. From this we present you a financial and operational proposal.


We’ll install our technology, at our expense, at each of your facilities. VoltApp is a cloud-based energy management platform that delivers real-time energy data to you and your team through a browser on your computer or smart phone. If you’re comfortable with automating load curtailment or asset management, VoltApp connects to any system you’d like to automatically control, opening up entirely new financial benefits.


We’ll educate your team to prepare for the eventual dispatch of your assets when the grid needs them. This includes a communication test for all contacts involved in the program and, if programs require, an actual test dispatch to ensure performance capability in each program. At regular intervals, we inspect preparation to ensure that you capture every benefit possible.


We enroll your capability in various demand response programs to start ringing the cash register. Each hour, day, month, and year that your facilities are enrolled in each program you’ll receive a cash payment on a regular basis. If you’re dispatched for an actual grid need, VoltApp provides you with the technology to meet performance expectations in real-time. In addition, Voltus’s Virtual Operations Center supports your success in real-time, ensuring that if you need support you’ll have instant access to a live Voltus team member to coach you through challenges.


Inevitably, customers want more cash. We help you find more ways to monetize operational flexibility as they become more and more comfortable with program options and how to weave program requirements into standard operating procedures.

Double demand response dollars with Voltus.

Demand response can deliver substantial electricity bill savings and cash earnings that drive energy costs down. The financial result ranges from 5% to 30% of the annual electricity bill, all depending on your operational flexibility and the programs available in regions where you have facilities.

Many of our most sophisticated customers take advantage of “stackable” demand response programs, an example of which is illustrated here where the facility is taking advantage of six distinct value streams (savings and earnings) from their operational flexibility.