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Conserve electricity, earn cash, and help prevent power disruptions in your community
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Earlier this year, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) announced a 1.2 gigawatt energy shortage which means higher electricity bills and risk of blackouts. In addition, large amounts of generation is expected to come offline in 2023, putting additional strain on the grid and likely increasing power prices.

The time to act is now.

How does demand response help?

Demand response is a resource used by grid operators and utilities to prevent blackouts and reduce electricity costs. Demand response program providers, like Voltus, pay users to conserve energy when the grid needs it. Commercial and industrial energy users participate to support their community and earn additional cash to offset electricity costs. Its a win-win for everyone.

Why participate in demand response with Voltus?

Real-time energy comsumption data
More cash. We deliver more dollars to businesses through our customizable programs.
No cost and no risk for businesses
Transparency. View your performance and cash earnings anytime, anywhere.
Earn cash
Not cookie-cutter. We work to understand your operations and develop a unique plan to earn cash.
Real-time energy comsumption data
No cost, no risk. Customers sign a one-page agreement with zero performance penalties.

Proudly serving the Midcontinent ISO territory

Voltus works with customers, utilities, municipals, and cooperatives across the entire MISO territory to help balance the grid.

Start earning cash
Midcontinent ISO Map

Businesses already earning cash in MISO

Nature Grace and Wellness
Lester Buildings
Monmouth College
Quincy University
city of East Peoria Illinois
Urbana & Champaign Sanitary District
Sparta Community Hospital
Illinoise valley
Roanoke Farmer’s Association
Alton Steel Inc
Elkhart Grain Co
Becker Iron & Metal

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Midwest & Texas: Scared or prepared for winter energy shortages and price increases?
Watch federal and state regulatory leaders discuss energy trends and how commercial & industrial users can mitigate risk to their businesses.
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Exclusive Case Study
Exclusive Case Study
Learn how a data center generated over $1.2M in cash using Voltus
Using Voltus’ demand response program, the company unlocked additional revenue streams from multiple programs to both save and earn significant cash.
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