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Demand response and Global Adjustment are changing!

The smartest Ontario businesses are working with Voltus to manage their participation in both of these evolving programs. Will you join them?
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What is Demand Response?

Demand Response (DR) pays energy consumers to reduce or shift their electricity usage in response to energy shortages, price increases, high demand, or grid emergencies. DR supports a more resilient, stable, and cleaner electric grid – instead of turning on additional power plants at an expense to consumers and the environment, grid operators pay large energy consumers to temporarily conserve energy or switch to backup generators.

Why Voltus?

Earn and save more cash from your participation in demand response and Global Adjustment.
Reliable grid and business
Access real-time energy consumption data and financials to make better business decisions.
Work with leading energy experts
Work with the leading energy experts to ensure your business continues to adapt.

You need a strategic partner who understands the ever changing details of Ontario's energy landscape. Voltus treats Global Adjustment mitigation like a demand response event, allowing you to earn and save on a single platform.

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Forecast, track, and optimize value with VoltApp™

Automatically gain access to VoltApp™ for visibility into cash generated and performance

Voltus speaks the language of cash and offers transparency into the total expected value of curtailing or shifting electricity usage. Easily understand how your demand response performance translates into value, and gain real-time visibility into usage for additional opportunities to save on your energy bill.

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Our Customers

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University of Pittsburgh
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OSF Healthcare
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Midwest & Texas: Scared or prepared for winter energy shortages and price increases?
Watch federal and state regulatory leaders discuss energy trends and how commercial & industrial users can mitigate risk to their businesses.
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Exclusive Case Study
Exclusive Case Study
Learn how a data center generated over $1.2M in cash using Voltus
Using Voltus’ demand response program, the company unlocked additional revenue streams from multiple programs to both save and earn significant cash.
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