Feb 21, 2024

Commonwealth of Virginia Selects Voltus as its Demand Response Provider

Voltus selected during a competitive bid process for its technology-based approach of delivering more dollars to Commonwealth managed facilities.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA & RICHMOND, VA – Voltus, Inc. (Voltus), the leading Distributed Energy Resource (DER) platform and virtual power plant operator, today announced its selection as the preferred vendor for the Demand Response program for the Virginia Department of Energy (Virginia Energy). Voltus was selected by Virginia Energy to help participating Commonwealth facilities earn revenue and generate savings by reducing electricity use in response to grid signals, such as high demand, inadequate supply, high prices and high emissions.

Over 400 public facilities in Virginia, including airports, universities, K-12 schools, municipal buildings, and wastewater treatment and recycling plants, will have the opportunity to enroll with Voltus. The Voltus platform will enhance performance during dispatches, track demand response earnings and avoided carbon emissions, and identify new energy efficiency and demand response opportunities, thus creating an increased financial opportunity for Commonwealth facilities.

“Voltus will play an important role in keeping our energy reliable and affordable while putting money back into the hands of local facilities,” said Virginia Energy State Energy Office Director, Vince Maiden. “Demand response is crucial when our grid is stressed. Making sure key participants reduce their energy consumption during extreme peaks will help meet the Commonwealth’s broader energy goals.”

“We are honored that the Commonwealth of Virginia chose Voltus,” says Matthew Plante, President at Voltus. “Most of our existing customers, like the Commonwealth, participated in PJM demand response programs for years prior to partnering with Voltus. Voltus is deeply committed to delivering more demand response value to our customers, in some cases tripling demand response value compared to previous providers. We intend on bringing this same financial opportunity to the Commonwealth’s facilities.”

Plante adds, “In December of 2022, Voltus helped prevent blackouts during Winter Storm Elliot by exceeding our capacity commitment to PJM, with our customers performing at 116% overall in PJM’s Emergency Load Response Program. This overperformance helped keep the heat and lights on for millions of Virginia citizens and was made possible by our customers who were empowered with our purpose-built technology, communication, and preparation. We are eager to amplify the Commonwealth’s support to the stability and reliability of the electric grid by incorporating them into our high performing portfolio of customers.”

For more information on Virginia’s Demand Response program, visit Virginia Energy’s website. To learn more about Voltus’s demand response services, visit or reach out to

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About Virginia Energy

The Virginia Department of Energy leads the Commonwealth to a reliable and responsible energy future. Virginia Energy is home to the State Energy Office which supports informed decision making by providing data, information and analyses to stakeholders that are responsible for the development and maintenance of the Commonwealth’s energy system. The SEO provides technical assistance, program administration and advises on solutions to help advance a reliable, affordable and clean energy system that encourages energy innovation and economic development.

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