Former FERC Chairman, Jon Wellinghoff, to lead Voltus regulatory efforts

Voltus announces today that Jon Wellinghoff, the longest serving Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), joins Voltus’s leadership team as Chief Regulatory Officer (CRO).

Kelly Yazdani
Kelly Yazdani
March 16, 2021
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Voltus, Inc., the world’s leading platform for Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), announced today that Jon Wellinghoff, the longest serving Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), joins Voltus’s leadership team as Chief Regulatory Officer (CRO).

Wellinghoff lands at Voltus with an unparalleled track record of making the US power grid more competitive, more reliable, and more affordable by advancing markets and policies that ensure the equal treatment of supply and demand. During his tenure as FERC Chairman, Wellinghoff was responsible for landmark FERC Orders 719, 745, and 755, among others, which helped cement the market integration of DERs. “Jon is arguably the single most influential electricity market thought leader of our generation,” says Gregg Dixon, Voltus CEO. “The ability to realize the full value of DERs is within our reach because of the policies and innovation Jon helped shepherd.”

Wellinghoff excels in building regulatory and policy structures that lay the framework for rapid, scalable growth. In 2016, Wellinghoff joined SolarCity as its first Chief Policy Officer (CPO), developing policy structures used to support solar projects nationwide. Wellinghoff continued to serve as SolarCity’s CPO after Tesla acquired SolarCity in November of that same year.

Wellinghoff’s effectiveness in shaping policy will serve Voltus well, as it works with grid operators to implement FERC Order 2222, allowing every type of DER unfettered access to wholesale power markets. “Jon will accelerate our mission by helping system operators bring FERC Order 2222 to fruition and knocking down the few remaining barriers that stand in the way of the full economic, reliability, and sustainability value of DERs. As we expand globally, Jon will help other countries implement similar market policies to the US,” explains Dixon.

Open access to DERs at the wholesale market level is, “essential to preserving a competitive, low cost electric system for everyone,” Wellinghoff reinforces. “DER integration at scale, though, cannot occur without a unified technology platform designed to connect any DER to any wholesale power market. Voltus’s VoltApp platform is the key to unleashing the power of DERs to the world. I look forward to helping make this vision a reality, as it’s been a long time coming.”

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