Nov 9, 2022

Roanoke Farmers Association Enrolls with Voltus to Combat Critical Supply Shortages in the Midcontinent Independent System Operator

Roanoke Farmers Association enrolls in Voltus’s MISO demand response program, reducing electricity usage during times of grid stress to help prevent controlled outages

SAN FRANCISCO and ROANOKE, Ill., November 10, 2022 – Voltus, Inc. ("Voltus"), the leading distributed energy resource (DER) software platform, announced today that Roanoke Farmers Association (“RFA”), a central Illinois grain cooperative, has enrolled in Voltus’s Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO)’s demand response program. Demand response pays organizations like RFA to be available to provide capacity in the event of grid emergencies or disruptions. These demand side resources play a pivotal role in addressing the growing capacity shortfall in MISO. 

“RFA’s goal is to help our local farming communities stay efficient and focused on their farming operations,” says Terry Bline, General Manager at RFA. “Power disruptions are detrimental to our customers, and we’re eager to participate in demand response to reduce the likelihood of brownouts and blackouts.”

“Demand response participation offers customers a way to generate revenue and help prevent electricity outages,” explains Sam Scuilli, Voltus General Manager. “With winter approaching and potential capacity shortfalls across MISO, it’s a critical time for businesses to be proactive. RFA is demonstrating great leadership by showing what the agriculture industry can do to help prevent grid emergencies and maintain a safer community.”

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