Selina Tobaccowala brings technology and product scaling to Voltus board of directors

Voltus announces today the addition of Selina Tobaccowala to its Board of Directors. This announcement follows last week’s $31.1 million Series C financing.

Kelly Yazdani
Kelly Yazdani
May 20, 2021
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20 May 2021, San Francisco, CA

Voltus, Inc., the leading Distributed Energy Resource (DER) platform provider, today announced the addition of Selina Tobaccowala to its Board of Directors. This announcement follows last week’s $31.1 million Series C financing.

Tobaccowala co-founded in 1997 while studying Computer Science at Stanford University. She went on to lead the product and technology team at Ticketmaster Europe after its 2001 acquisition of Evite. Tobaccowala then joined SurveyMonkey in 2009 as President and Chief Technology Officer, growing the online survey company to over $200 million in revenue before leaving to Co-found Gixo, an online platform to improve global health and activity rates. Tobaccowala is now the Chief Digital Officer at Openfit, which acquired Gixo in 2019.

“Selina’s track record of success in scaling technology platforms will be invaluable to us as we continue to deliver the superior economic, reliability, and sustainability benefits of using our DER platform to a larger and larger base of energy users and grid services partners,” says Gregg Dixon, Voltus CEO.

Serving on Voltus’s Board provides Tobaccowala with a new opportunity to merge her passion for technology with her desire to simplify the complex. “Technology is a tool that can simplify and incentivize better decisions,” says Tobaccowala. “Voltus’s DER platform aligns economic and environmental interests, creating a powerful conduit for change as we sprint toward a cleaner energy future, while simplifying incredibly complex and balkanized energy markets. I’m excited to work alongside this talented team to expand the platform’s reach.”

Tobaccowala will serve on Voltus’s Board alongside Voltus Co-founders, Gregg Dixon and Matt Plante, as well as investors Raj Atluru of Activate Capital, Philip Deutch of NGP Energy Technology Partners III, Veery Maxwell of Ajax Strategies, and Tim Woodward of Prelude Ventures.

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