Jul 7, 2021

Voltus partners with the Advanced Energy Management Alliance to ensure the equal treatment of distributed energy resources in wholesale electricity markets

Voltus announces today a new partnership with the Advanced Energy Management Alliance (AEMA)

SAN FRANCISCO, July 8, 2021 - Voltus, Inc., a leading distributed energy resource (DER) technology company, announced today its partnership with the Advanced Energy Management Alliance (AEMA). AEMA is a coalition of DER providers and supporters working to advance policies that empower energy consumers and realize the full economic, reliability, and sustainability benefits of demand-side energy resources. Together, Voltus and AEMA will push forward policy and regulatory changes that will ensure the adoption of DER solutions nationwide.

“This partnership solidifies our commitment to working alongside our industry peers to accelerate the clean energy transition by leveraging DERs to create a more resilient, economical, and sustainable grid,” explains Jon Wellinghoff, Voltus’ Chief Regulatory Officer and former Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), who co-founded AEMA in 2014. “Together, we will advance regulatory changes that protect and expand consumers’ interests and help maximize the cash value of their behind-the-meter energy assets.”

Voltus is not new to the regulatory arena, actively advocating for the full-scale adoption of DERs in wholesale electricity markets. Last October, Voltus petitioned FERC to end the decade-old provision allowing states to opt out of allowing DERs full access to these markets. Since then, FERC has initiated a notice of inquiry to reevaluate the opt-out, a first step toward an eventual rule change.

AEMA Executive Director and co-founder Katherine Hamilton believes Voltus’ AEMA membership will bolster the strength of the DER community. “Voltus’ team is at the forefront of pushing forward important regulatory changes. We’re excited that Voltus is joining us to advance the policy initiatives needed to allow DERs to meet critical grid needs.”

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