Our customers work with us for one reason.

We deliver more cash to their bottom line than they ever thought possible from demand response.

Everything we do at Voltus is in service of Less Energy, More Cash! So, how do we do it?

More Markets, More Megawatts

Our team has brought more than 10,000 MWs of demand response to market, more than any other team in the world.

In fact, our team was instrumental in developing most of the demand response markets and utility programs that exist today, from PJM’s Synchronized Reserve market to MISO’s Load Modifying Resource market to the AESO Load Shed Services for Imports. And we’re experts at identifying the behind-the-meter operational flexibility across more than 30 industries to maximize demand response savings and earnings. Just as important, we’re a whole lot of fun to work with!

Simple to Get Going

When was the last time one of your suppliers paid you to use their product?

In fact, the more you use of ours, the more you make! We’ve turned the complexity of energy markets and demand response into a simple, single-page agreement that you don’t need to be an attorney to understand. We integrate our technology into your facilities at no expense to you and we eliminate any risk to our customers of participating in complex energy markets or utility programs.

Technology to Make Life Easier

Our customers have businesses to run and teams to lead. Demand response is never their only focus.

They want a modern technology platform that simplifies every aspect of the complexities of demand response to make their lives easier: automating identification of program opportunities, a communication platform that always talks in cash, truly real-time energy data to maximize performance during an event and settlement upon completion, historic event performance and program payments that ensure transparency and accuracy, and a reporting engine that makes it easy to demonstrate results. These are just some of the benefits of our technology platform. Contact us to schedule a demo today!

Want to Take a Peek Inside the Voltus Value Formula?

We’ve engineered a way to extract the maximum amount from demand response, called the Voltus Value Formula, that targets 23 ways to ensure you get all of the cash. Take a peek…

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