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Want to be part of a team that is changing the world for the better and leading an exciting industry? Want to work with the very best talent in the industry, learn, and be challenged every day? Want to do well by doing good? Want to join a progressive culture focused on delivering uncommon value to customers? Interested in unlimited paid time off? Want to bring your dog to work? Want to live in Jackson Hole and code in your bathrobe? 

These are just some of the reasons joining Voltus might make sense for you. On top of that, we don't require you to sign some silly non-compete . . . those things are for beginners! Join us and you'll want to stay because it's awesome.

Check in regularly to see our openings. We're hiring quickly so you can expect lots of changes!

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Marketing and Sales

Sales Director

US - Boston, New York, Mid-Atlantic, Chicago, St. Louis, Texas, California
International - Ontario, Alberta, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Middle East

The Role

The Sales Director is a sales hunting machine, with a focus on building and nurturing successful new relationships with large commercial, institutional, and industrial customers. Our product is proven and tested and we are moving from startup stage to significant (and rapid) growth stage. We’re looking for an evangelical, process-oriented salesperson who believes in our mission. If you love to sell, if your track record of success gives you confidence in your ability to close profitable deals with large commercial and industrial customers, and if you want your work to make a difference in the energy industry, we’d love you to join our world-class team.

Key Responsibilities

  • Deliver against a quota

  • Prospect, present proposals, negotiate, and close business

  • Report on all sales activities through Voltus’s CRM systems

  • Continually make us a better company

Please e-mail your interest to

Sales Associate

US - Boston, New York, Mid-Atlantic, Chicago, St. Louis, Texas, California
International - Ontario, Alberta, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Middle East

The Role

The Sales Associate is the rocket fuel that makes the sales director even more productive by cold calling on prospective customers, evangelizing Voltus's simple value proposition, and setting meetings that the sales director closes on. If you love to sell, or if you've always thought it would be a great career track, there is no better place to learn how to be a world-class salesperson than in the Voltus sales associate development program. Bring your passion for connecting with people and your love for energy solutions together at Voltus. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Cold call prospective customers

  • Evangelize the Voltus value proposition

  • Set meetings for sales directors

  • Be ready to step us as the company grows and outside sales roles open up

Please e-mail your interest to


Frontend Engineer

The Role

Voltus is looking for a Front-End Engineer to build applications leveraging our growing stash of energy demand data and market intelligence. You’re an exceptional JS developer and you know your way around a few frontend frameworks. You’re excited to build brand-new product and thoughtful enough to build something you can maintain. You can’t believe we’re still using Squarespace for our job posting page. You enjoy writing unit tests and look forward to being on both sides of a good code review. You are bright, gritty, and good, and you want to work with others like you.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build client-side web applications for our customers and our team of energy markets experts

  • Integrate data from a wide variety of internal and external APIs

  • Build reusable front-end components and thoughtful APIs

  • Learn the ropes of the energy industry and develop an intuition for energy market product

  • Work independently and thoughtfully allocate time among projects

Technologies you’re an expert in:

React, Javascript, ES2015+, SCSS/LESS, Webpack, node

Technologies we use on the case you’re curious:

  • Python, Flask, Go, Lua

  • Pandas, NumPy, Scrapy

  • Postgres, Redis, S3, Kafka, InfluxDB

  • AWS, Docker

Please e-mail your interest to

Backend Engineer

The Role

Voltus is looking for an experienced backend engineer to help us process and present the data from our growing network of smart meters. The thought of building out integrations with different components of the North American electric grid is exciting. You know how to write a beautiful API—and you know how to shim an ugly one. You will be responsible for building secure bridges from our (beautiful! modern!) internal systems to external systems that can only be viewed on IE8. Anyone can integrate to a webhook, but it takes a pro to ingest data over SCADA. Like all of your Voltus teammates, you are bright, gritty, and good.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop the application and API layers for customer-facing and internal tools to process our ever-growing pile of electricity demand data and market intelligence
  • Help build the outermost layer of the Voltus network, interfacing to a wide variety of electric industry partners
  • Build creative shims to legacy systems—everyone loves a clean API, but not everyone can scrape an ActiveX application from 1997
  • Build out the systems that to connect sensor data to internal and customer-facing tools and applications
  • Process, clean, validate, and present data from sensor to customer dashboard in real-time (no sweat!)

Technologies we use:

  • Python, Javascript, Go, Lua
  • Postgres, Redis, S3, Kafka, InfluxDB
  • AWS, Docker
  • React, Flask, Scrapy
  • Pandas, NumPy

Please e-mail your interest to

Energy Markets

No openings at this time.

Operations and Customer Success

Field Engineering Manager

The Role

Voltus is looking for a Field Engineering Manager to join our devoted, passionate team. In this role you will create plans to install our technology for Customers and follow through to make sure that those installations are successful. You will be a recognized expert in communicating with facility technical and operations staff. If you want to love your work, strive to solve problems and are passionate about serving customers, we want to hear from you.

Key Responsibilities

  • Building Engineering: Assess building electrical and operating systems quickly and remotely. Understand utility and building electrical equipment and translate that information into actionable installation plans.

  • Field Technology Leadership: Provide mentorship for Sales staff on building systems. Coach, support and train other team members.

  • Demand Response Analysis: Consult with Customers through data gathered and site assessments. Create demand response curtailment plans based on information collected. Educate customers on program rules to maximize their demand response opportunity.

  • Plan Installations: Develop both pre-sale and post-sale installation plans and estimates. Complete technical installation plans including sketches of field changes.

  • Customer Service: Provide excellent Customer service including communication, follow up and ongoing issue management. Support the sales team in pursuit of additional work. Serve as a key point of contact for customer questions, training and support

  • Facilitate Customer Self-Installation: Support Customers through the self-installation process. Create and deliver videos and documentation to the customer.

  • Manage Contractor Installation: Identify and manage installation partners Nationally. Train contractors, maintain performance standards and ensure customer satisfaction with Contractor work.

  • Order Management: Select, order and track materials for projects. Coordinate assembly and configuration process for devices with partners.

  • Commissioning: Commission systems and data connectivity. Validate system functionality and troubleshoot problems with Contractors and Partners to ensure proper operation. Provision customer systems once installed, including system configuration, alert and report settings.

  • Professional Presentation: Manage assigned work to meet professional standards. Be efficient with your time and our Customer’s time. Work in an ethical manner. Use good listening, questioning, and discovery skills to uncover hidden value for customers

  • Documentation: Compile job documentation, such as contractor invoices, equipment shipping confirmation and punch lists. Be timely and conscientious with administrative documentation. Work with office productivity tools such as G-Suite and Salesforce.

  • Work Location: This position works from a remote location. Access to a major transportation hub is required.

 Please e-mail your interest to

Finance, HR, Legal, Administration

No openings at this time.