A Response to COVID-19.

A response to COVID-19 from Voltus CEO Gregg Dixon.

Gregg Dixon
Gregg Dixon
March 13, 2020
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Dealing with the reality of a global pandemic is new for all of us. We don’t know the full business impact of COVID-19, but we do know it’s negative, certainly in the short term and possibly the long-term.

A business downturn results in two things:

  1. Organizations look to save cash.
  2. Organizations have more operational flexibility as manufacturing lines aren’t running at full capacity, offices aren’t fully staffed as people stick closer to home, hotels aren’t filling up, etc.

At Voltus, we are in a unique position to help you prepare for this downturn. Demand response programs turn this unforeseen operational flexibility into cash for your business.

We make it incredibly simple to enroll and get started in these programs with a simple one-page agreement. There are no out of pocket costs. There are no risks. Our technology is installed by your own electricians, keeping your team working. The entire process is remote.

Demand response is a small but important part of the solution to the challenges ahead of us. Join us in keeping our economy strong by turning COVID-19 on its head.

Stay healthy and safe,

Gregg Dixon
Gregg Dixon

Chief Executive Officer

I have the best job in the world, and I’m humbled every day to serve our team, our customers, and our investors. Ultimately, I hope that our vision inspires happiness and productivity while we help to solve important energy challenges that make a positive impact in the world. Long ago I caught the clean energy bug and, ever since, I’ve put my shoulder and passion into unlocking its virtues every day.

I’m passionate about working hard to take care of my family while nursing what remains of too many individual pursuits, from skiing to mountain biking to music and the arts.