Capturing new value in PJM with technology-enabled demand response

Businesses can now earn up to $70K/MW-year for less than 2 hours of annual demand reduction.

Kelly Yazdani
Kelly Yazdani
July 2, 2020
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Two truths and a lie time.

1. Synchronized Reserves (SR) is PJM’s most lucrative demand response program.

2. Businesses can now earn up to $70K/MW-year for less than 2 hours of annual demand reduction.

3. Voltus provides its enabling technology free of charge.

Did we get your attention? Good because it was a trick question! All three of these statements are in fact true, making SR a no-brainer financial opportunity for commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in PJM.

The increased value of SR came out of a May 21st ruling from FERC, which resulted in a tripling of program value. This is particularly noteworthy, because for the first time in history, SR is now more valuable than PJM’s Emergency Load Response Program. Sync Reserves is also incredibly customer-friendly with unrivaled flexibility for program participants – customers come in and out of the market as they wish. We have certain customers who don’t participate on Wednesdays, others who don’t participate from Thanksgiving until New Years, and others who decide on a daily basis whether they can participate the following day.

Given high payments to customers, demand response events that last all of nine minutes, and the ability for customers to select the hours in which they can be dispatched, it’s not a surprise that Voltus has enrolled over 100 MW of capacity in this program since May. That’s millions of dollars in the hands of PJM businesses. Eager to cash in on this new opportunity? Email us at to learn more.

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Kelly Yazdani
Kelly Yazdani

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