New Year’s Resolution – Double Your Dollars in Demand Response!

Let’s get to work on our New Year’s resolution: helping you double your dollars in demand response in 2018.

Gregg Dixon
Gregg Dixon
January 2, 2018
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Happy New Year! Now let’s get to work on our resolution: help you double your dollars in demand response in 2018 through these five steps:

  1. “Stack” multiple demand response programs. If you’re only in one program, you’re missing out.
  2. Take advantage of “out-of-market” demand response. This alone can double the value you get from curtailing load.
  3. Get back your backup generator. The opportunity to use your generator in demand response programs has returned.
  4. Negotiate the “gross up.” If your current demand response provider hasn’t told you about the gross-up, find a new demand response provider. This will increase your earnings 10% to 30% per year.
  5. Optimize your enrolled kW. DR works off of a simple formula: kW x $’s = earnings. Squeeze every kW you can by reevaluating your operational flexibility and enrollment levels.

Are you resolved to double your dollars in demand response in 2018? Email us for a detailed review of your portfolio ( – not .com) and we’ll show you all the options to guarantee you hit that New Year’s resolution.

Gregg Dixon
Gregg Dixon

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