May 11, 2021

Voltus adds its fourth horseman, signaling the beginning of the DER Apocalypse

Voltus expands energy efficiency capacity across Ontario.

Voltus adds its fourth horseman, signaling the beginning of the DER Apocalypse
Michael Pohlod
Senior Energy Markets Manager

Last month, Voltus successfully cleared almost 50% of the capacity in Ontario’s Energy Efficiency Auction Pilot. The pilot is the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) first step towards including energy efficiency in the province’s capacity auction moving forward. This is an exciting development for Ontario and will enable the IESO to competitively procure energy efficiency in the future.

Energy Efficiency (EE) has a long history of providing capacity to electricity systems across the continent. For the current capacity year, EE met almost 9% of New England’s capacity requirement and 2% of PJM’s capacity requirement, representing nearly 6 GWs of capacity! It will be exciting to see how Ontario can leverage this resource in the 2020s to help manage forecasted capacity shortfalls from generator contract expiration and nuclear refurbishment.

“This is also an incredible development for Voltus as we add Energy Efficiency to our portfolio,” says Voltus Chief Product Officer Dana Guernsey. “As a platform for all Distributed Energy Resources, this is an important step in our journey to a clean energy future.”

Over the next 18 months, Voltus and its partners will be deploying energy efficient lighting and controls throughout Ontario, to deliver on this capacity to the IESO. If you are interested in upgrading the lighting or other equipment at your facility, please reach out to us at to get started.