Voltus Announces New DR Opportunities in Massachusetts

Voltus secures an agreement with Cape Light Compact to deliver demand response to commercial, institutional, and industrial customers in Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.

Kelly Yazdani
Kelly Yazdani
March 24, 2020
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Boston, MA – March 24, 2020 – Voltus, Inc. announced today that it has secured an agreement with Cape Light Compact to deliver demand response to commercial, institutional, and industrial customers in Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.

This agreement marks Voltus’s latest partnership to help utilities and energy efficiency program administrators meet regulatory requirements, increase customer satisfaction, and ensure grid security while putting more cash and technology on the table to incentivize customer participation in demand response.

“In the past two years, we’ve secured relationships with more than a dozen major utilities in North America.” said Dana Guernsey, Vice President of Product and Energy Markets at Voltus. “These agreements not only open up revenue streams to energy intensive industries, but strengthen the relationship between the energy efficiency program administrator and its customer base.”

“We are excited to bring on Voltus as a partner in our demand response programs,” said Austin Brandt, Senior Power Supply Planner at Cape Light Compact. “Reducing peak demand benefits all electricity customers, and having Voltus as a partner will facilitate our ability to provide cost-effective demand savings while delivering value to both the businesses participating and all ratepayers.”

With the addition of the Cape Light Company program to Voltus’s CashDash demand response planning app, customers now have close to 150 demand response programs to choose from. Demand response programs, when stacked, can offer more than $500,000 per MW-year in value for eligible customers, depending on their location and operational flexibility.

To sign up or to learn more, email info@voltus.co.

About Voltus, Inc.

Voltus represents the “potential of us”​ to better manage energy through simple, cost and risk-free demand response programs. Our commercial and industrial customers generate cash by allowing us to maximize the value of their operational flexibility in energy markets. It’s this simple: a customer signs up with Voltus and every quarter we deliver dollars. Voltus makes money when our customers make money by sharing the cash generated from working together. What’s more, there are significant community benefits that accompany working with Voltus – a cleaner, more reliable energy future and dollars invested back into your business instead of being wasted on a larger energy bill.

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