Take Your Energy Bill By The Horns: The No-Cost, No-Risk Solution to Reducing Peak Charges

Event Date
April 19, 2022 2:00 PM
3:00 pm


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For large commercial and industrial energy users in ERCOT-managed Texas


Summer in Texas is around the corner and electricity peak demand charges continue to rise. In the ERCOT-managed Texas electric grid, peak energy use can account for a significant amount of commercial and industrial customers' total energy bill. With pressures to cut costs and the continued rise of electricity rates in Texas, commercial and industrial businesses must find easy, non-disruptive ways to reduce their energy bills. Join Voltus's Brad Orsak, Regional Manager, and James Gill, Director of Product Management, for a discussion on historical and future rate trends, the science of peak prediction, and how customers can significantly reduce their energy expenses by using technology to predict peaks and reduce power usage.

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