Apr 15, 2021

The measurement of success: happiness & productivity

When it comes to employee satisfaction, our chief goal at Voltus is incredibly simple. We want working at Voltus to be the best professional experience our team members have ever had! Read about how we maintain a happy and productive team.

The measurement of success: happiness & productivity
Ariele Ladabaum
Associate Outbound Marketing Manager

At Voltus, we place great emphasis on cultivating an environment in which all of our employees can be their best, most productive, and yes, happiest, selves. To keep ourselves in check, every quarter, all Voltans are asked to complete a Happiness and Productivity survey, measuring each on a 1-5 scale. All results are then presented during our weekly company-wide meeting, Veritas, and we track how these metrics change over time.

HAP Results

The Happiness and Productivity survey offers each Voltan the opportunity to conduct an honest self-assessment of his or her own experience working at Voltus. We value each and every Voltan’s input, and our leadership team thinks very carefully and intentionally about how to act on each piece of feedback submitted. All comments, both positive and negative, are addressed directly and anonymously, and action items are presented candidly to the full team. We see this quarterly process as an important vehicle for Voltus to continuously grow and improve as a company.

Our team works hard to foster a culture of transparency, support, and empathy. Some highlights from past Happiness and Productivity surveys underscore these values:

“I continue to be impressed by the transparency displayed by the executive leadership team … I’ve also been impressed with the way all the employees pull together to support each other. I’ve never worked for a company that gives so many warm fuzzies throughout the week. If you are a person that needs warm fuzzies constantly, this is the company to work for.”

“I feel that I am very well supported and have exceptionally bright, gritty and good teammates. I truly enjoy learning and working with my Voltan colleagues … I sincerely appreciate and admire the candor, adaptability, and values of Voltus, from leadership to new hires.”

“Voltus leadership does a great job at offering transparency, leading by example, and hiring the right people.”

“The trajectory and engagement at Voltus is fantastic. I love our mission-driven product and I feel like a supported and valued member of the team.”

“I really appreciate the transparency that senior leadership has with the Voltans; it is VERY refreshing from the modus operandi of typical corporations.”

Our leadership team also works deliberately to implement change within the organization based on the suggestions given in the Happiness and Productivity survey.

Voltans submitted comments about improving cross-team communication, so we developed formalized channels for different teams to align on goals and collaborate better. We received feedback about keeping cleaner and more organized sales and account management tools; we’re now actively expanding our Customer Success team to support account management at scale, including investing in new technologies that enable more streamlined customer onboarding. Requests were made to better define professional development and career growth opportunities for Voltans; individual bonuses are now linked to quarterly performance, and a career path and planning guide is being developed for all functional leaders.

When it comes to employee satisfaction, our chief goal at Voltus is incredibly simple. We want working at Voltus to be the best professional experience our team members have ever had! A happy and productive team is and always will be our true north. We use our quarterly Happiness and Productivity survey as a mechanism to empower and enable each Voltan to make this a reality.

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