Voltus highlights three exceptional Voltans in honor of International Women's Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re featuring three outstanding Women of Voltus. These women were selected by their fellow Voltans based on their bright, gritty, and good achievements at work and beyond.

Kelly Yazdani
Kelly Yazdani
March 8, 2021
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In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re featuring three outstanding Women of Voltus. These women were selected by their fellow Voltans based on their bright, gritty, and good achievements at work and beyond. In honor of these brilliant, talented women, Voltus will donate $200 each to the charity of their choosing.

Nicole Irwin-Viet

Voltus’s leadership team is distinguished by its transparency and vision. I strive to pass that on to the people who are now reporting to me. I take the time to share why we’re taking certain actions and how those actions fit into the broader Voltus vision. -Nicole

Nicole’s market knowledge, analytical chops, and ability to cross-functionally collaborate with our sales and dispatch operations teams are critical to the success of Voltus’s customers. Nicole leads one of Voltus’s “largest and most well run markets,” according to Dana Guernsey, Vice President of Product and Energy Markets. “It’s a fine-tuned machine where all stakeholders understand their role, are aligned, and drive forward innovative solutions. Nicole deserves a tremendous amount of credit for the work she’s done as a leader.” Nicole also stands out as an exceptional mentor and teammate. “Nicole is extremely bright and driven by personal and professional growth. She loves to win as a team, and is always eager to jump in to help a teammate.”

Outside of work, Nicole lives her values, dedicating countless volunteer hours to supporting the work of organic farmers. “Post-college, I went to work on a dairy farm in France. I learned what incredibly hard work farming is and fell in love with the experience. This past fall, I spent my first vacation at Voltus volunteering through the WWOOF program in New Hampshire. I enjoy the hands-on aspects of farming, but it’s also fascinating to gain insights into the daily operations and forward planning that go into running a farm.”

Charity of Choice: Mass Audubon

Jess Scott-Dutcher

I don’t find it compelling to lie to people; it’s just not useful. Sometimes people use Truth to Power as an excuse for being mean, but I see it as a tool for being realistic. It’s about being honest with your teammates and yourself, and effectively communicating those honest reflections to others. –Jess

Jess was hired as a junior front end engineer in late 2018, and within two years was promoted to lead the applications team, a feat that she humbly notes is “not unremarkable” in the tech world. Her team is responsible for the look and feel of Voltus’s DER platform, VoltApp, which Voltus President Matt Plante says is a “big driver of our competitive advantage.” Jess revels in perfecting her craft, solving real problems and building the right solutions. Her honesty, both with herself and with her team, garners respect and allows her to drive efficiencies. Jess “never balks at the ever-amounting requests coming at her,” according to teammate Bill Kusters. “She stays positive the whole time and doesn’t stop until the job is done.”

Jess decided to start running the year after she graduated from college, while watching the Boston Marathon with a bowl of ice cream in hand. After some goading from her mom, who drove her to Target to buy running clothes, Jess downloaded a “couch to 5K” app, and took her first run later that day. “Running didn’t come easy to me,” said Jess, who would run around the Central Park Reservoir to build up her stamina. She stuck with it, though. One year later, she ran her first race, and two years after that, she completed the New York City Marathon.

Charity of Choice: World Central Kitchen

Lauren Stenstream

Our leadership team truly believes in each Voltan’s story and empowers us to be successful. With that level of support, how could I not go above and beyond for this company? I feel supported as an employee and as a mother. – Lauren

Lauren’s role as Controller encompasses a wide range of accounting and human resource functions with varied daily responsibilities based on company priorities. “Lauren juggles all of the questions and needs of the team on a daily basis, while simultaneously tackling all of the larger projects I ask her to own,” says Voltus CFO Doug Perrygo. Lauren says she’s always been highly driven and focused on professional success, but becoming a mother has reinforced that drive. “My boys see me working hard day in and day out. As they grow older, I hope that work ethic inspires them to fiercely tackle their own goals.”

Lauren took a “leap of faith” last September when she filed for divorce and became a single parent to her two boys, ages one and three. “I wanted a better life for my kids. I wanted a better life for myself.” Being a working single mom is not easy. Lauren starts her days as early as 3:30 AM, tackling work and house chores before the kids are awake. The ability to work from home has given Lauren the flexibility she needs to balance caring for her children with her full-time role, especially during the pandemic. “I’m able to get my boys off to school in the morning, work a full day, pause to pick them up from school, and jump back on the computer once I get them to bed. The ability to structure my day around my family’s needs is priceless.”

Charity of Choice: Feeding America

Voltus continues to dedicate itself to closing the cleantech gender gap. Visit our Join Us page to view all open positions.

Questions? Reach out to our team at info@voltus.co.

Kelly Yazdani
Kelly Yazdani

VP of Marketing

I am excited to be a part of a high-speed gritty community of Voltans determined to affect the world in a positive way! Outside of work, you’ll find me hanging with my husband and three kids – driving carpool in my minivan, exploring children’s literature, cooking a semi-healthy meal, hiking, traveling, or volunteering. I love building new friendships and creating a positive community wherever I go.