Aug 1, 2018

Voltus Opens Michigan Demand Response Market for Large Commercial and Industrial Customers

Offers Lowest Cost Electric Capacity to 2,000 MW of Competitive Choice

LANSING, Mich., Aug. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Voltus, Inc., the leading provider of demand response to the commercial and industrial market, announced today that it is the first aggregator of retail customers to bring Michigan-based customers into the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) demand response market through Alternative Electric Suppliers (AES).

"We worked very closely with Michigan PSC staff to bring wholesale market demand response to any Michigan customer on competitive choice. Voltus was able to secure nearly 50 MWs of demand response for the 2018 program year while developing a backlog of more than 200 MWs of additional load for 2019," said Gregg Dixon, CEO of Voltus. "Competitive choice customers alone can bring more than 400 MWs of Michigan-based, clean capacity to market in MISO once fully enabled."

The Michigan PSC orders U-17990 and U-18369 addressed demand response implementation, ultimately clarifying that AESs could satisfy their forward, local capacity demonstration through demand response resources that are registered with MISO.

"With forward capacity prices ranging from $95,000 to $250,000 per MW-year across Michigan utilities, choice customers are able to achieve tremendous capacity savings over bundled rates. Not only are Voltus capacity resources the guaranteed least cost in Michigan, they are also clean and local," said Matt Plante, President of Voltus. "The work done over the years by ABATE, Energy MI, and Michigan Schools Electric Cooperative (MISEC) has really paid off with this market development."

Large Michigan commercial, institutional, and industrial customers on competitive electricity choice, as well as their AESs, can take advantage of these capacity prices with Voltus effective immediately by contacting for further details.

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Voltus represents the "potential of us" to better manage energy through simple, cost-free energy management products. Our commercial and industrial customers generate cash by allowing us to be their energy expert while we deliver innovative demand response, energy purchasing, and energy efficiency programs to them. It's this simple: a customer signs up with Voltus and every quarter we deliver dollars. What's more, there are significant community benefits that accompany working with Voltus - a cleaner, more reliable energy future and dollars invested back into your business and jobs instead of being wasted on a larger energy bill.

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